Terms and Conditions

To pickup the vehicle, the driver must present online reservation, driving license and identity card or passport.
You must use a valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard) as exclusive method of payment, which must be in the name of the person listed as the main driver of the rental agreement. In the case of special and high-end vehicles, you will need two credit cards in which we will blocked up 2,000 euros, as a guarantee of the rent will be requested.
The minimum driver age is 25 years and maximum of 75, and must be holders of valid driving license or corresponding approved in Spain with a length of at least 2 years.
Also, we will review the points driving license of each driver.
Mileage is limited, from 150 to 350, depending on the rented vehicle. The cost for each additional kilometer depends on the rented vehicle.
VAT is not included in the prices.
The vehicle delivery and return will take place at the agreed point on the website of Radical Rent. It will not have cost, wherever up to 50 kilometers from Marbella.
The courtesy margin is 1 hour, to return the vehicle, in the case of rentals longer than one day. For vehicles rented by hour, complimentary margin is 30 minutes.
If the customer wishes to withdraw or deliver the vehicle outside the established schedule, you must pay for this special service the amount of 50 euros per vehicle.
We will deliver the car full of fuel and you must return it full of fuel.
You have the ability to add additional drivers that will be equally covered by insurance; a charge of 50 euros per day be paid by each driver to a maximum of 3 additional drivers per contract. All Clients and / or authorized drivers are jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising Client Contract and the laws applicable to it.
Baby/child chairs and lifters are not included in the rental price.
GPS is not included in the price. If you want it, you can hire it and the cost of it depends on the rented vehicle.
Our vehicles may only be conducted in the Iberian Peninsula, except Gibraltar and Portugal and must be returned at our offices or agreed delivery point.
The cost of the franchise varies depending on the type of vehicle. the maximum amount that the customer pays for damage to the vehicle is appropriate. It can range between 500 and 2,000 euros. The amount will be blocked on the credit card as a deposit to the collection vehicle in order to ensure that in case of incident / accident damages are covered. If the customer returns the vehicle in the same condition in which it was collected, we proceed to the return of the franchise. If you have caused damage will be charged in your credit card.
The franchise does not include in any case damage to tires, rims, hubcaps, inside the vehicle, mirrors interior and exterior mirrors, glass, locks, underbody, clutch, engine crankcase catalyst and radiator. Nor does it include the cost per battery charge, loss of key, trailer crane, cab to travel after the accident and error in the type of fuel tank for vehicle refueling or replacement or compensation for days of stoppage to repair.
In case of accident or damage to the vehicle, it is mandatory that the customer fill out an accident report / damage and delivered to our office. Also, if the vehicle is stolen, the customer have to report it to the police and submit the complaint in our office. Radical Rent is not responsible for the fees charged by your bank, if necessary.
For each handling of accidents or damage Radical Rent have to make, additional 50 euros (VAT included) for managing the processing of the accident will be charged. If insurance determines that the incidence has not been the responsibility of the Customer, it will be refunded 50 euros (VAT included).

The duration of the lease will be on the obverse of the contract , specifying date and time of delivery and return of the vehicle. Day rent refers to a period of 24 hours from the time of commencement of the rental . The maximum duration of the lease is 30 days . If the customer decides to terminate the tenancy before the date specified in the contract shall not be entitled to the refund , for the days not taken.
Other terms and conditions depend on the rented vehicle and are specified in the contract signed by her client